Blog imageI may, at some point in my life, ask myself the question: "Why am I here?" I find out quickly that in order to find answers to the question, I must know myself and the question: "who am I?" that pops up. After exploring myself, comes the question: "Why am I the one I am?" It leads to the question: "How have I become the one I am?" meaning, what has gone before? I begin to examine my life from my birth and finds out that most of what I am derived from "external" influences and my thoughts and feelings.

Maybe I can, based on this, answer the question about why I'm here; why I am born and live? I can be content with the answer, but I can also ask the question: "Why did I choose this and not something else?" This issue starts a whole new quest in my life. However, if I know that life is determined in advance, what we call fate, of course, I have not made a choice. If there has been a choice, it comes from a higher place, maybe defined as God, even if "God" not necessarily is defined.

Where does this choice come from? And last but not least: When did I make this choice? If I have come to the conclusion that I am my body, thoughts, and feelings, I'll be able to find the answer as being the moment where I chose my career or anything like that. If I, in my analysis of who I am, have come to the conclusion that the body, thoughts, and feelings are only a part of myself, I must necessarily search elsewhere after the origin of this choice. If I am not only the new-born child who has grown up and been to the person as I am today, I must have existed before birth. This leads to the questions: "What am I?" and "where do I come from?" So the question: "where I come from?" will instinctively lead to the question: "Where will I go after this life?"